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Voters in November of 2010 soundly rejected the tax and spend mentality coming from Congress the previous four years, which has left us with high unemployment, record deficits, and government spending that is out-of-control and unsustainable.

I voted against each and every bailout – whether it was under President Bush or President Obama – as well as the stimulus spending bills that have increased our deficit, vastly expanded the federal government and failed to provide the type of fast relief needed to help job-creating businesses.

It’s time to cut the spending, end the bailouts and put a stop to policies that are simply about bigger government so that our nation can instead focus on policies that reward entrepreneurship, stimulate private sector job creation, and get our economy moving once again.

I support:

  • New budgeting tools to cut out wasteful spending.
  • A temporary moratorium to stop earmark abuse.
  • A Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget.
  • Eliminating unnecessary federal programs and cutting spending.

Addressing the growth of programs that increase each year automatically without any congressional action or review.

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