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Hastings Raises Questions about Department of Energy Memorandum That Could Raise Electricity Rates

On Thursday, Hastings held a full committee hearing in the Natural Resources Committee on Secretary Chu's memorandum to the Power Marketing Administrations (PMAs), including Bonneville Power Administration, that could increase energy costs dramatically. This hearing follows up on a bipartisan Pacific Northwest Congressional delegation letter that raised serious questions about Secretary Chu’s Memo.

In the hearing, Chairman Hastings expressed, “The electric bills of families and small businesses that depend on power from PMA's should not be increased because the federal Energy Secretary would like to toy and experiment with various energy schemes and mandates. The last thing they need is another hastily written and unjustified Washington, DC-knows-best mandate that inflicts further economic pain and increases their power bills.”

Read more about the hearing here.

Hastings Tours the Port of Kennewick

On Monday, Hastings toured the port of Kennewick and the Clover Island lighthouse.  Ports play an important role in the Central Washington economy and help facilitate job creation for small businesses.

Hastings Meets With Washington Farm Bureau Leadership Chair

On Wednesday, Congressman Hastings met with Vicki Malloy, the Women's Leadership Chair of the Washington Farm Bureau.  They discussed issues of importance to Washington state farmers and ranchers, including the need for a workable guestworker program and regulations proposed by the Department of Labor that would prevent children from working on farms, which has since been rescinded due to significant pressure from Congress and the agricultural community. 

New Report Shows Taxpayers Are Owed $118 billion From 2008 Bailout

A new study shows that banks that participated in the Troubled Asset Recovery Program (TARP), still owe taxpayers $118 billion.  In 2008, Congressman Hastings voted against TARP because of the cost to taxpayers.  This is just one example of the Federal Government mishandling taxpayer dollars.

Read the full study here.

Hastings Reacts to Portland Judge's Admitted Bias Against Hydropower

On Thursday, Congressman Hastings reacted to a statement made during an interview by Judge Redden where he candidly admits his personal bias in favor of tearing out the Columbia and Snake River dams. Hastings has long been suspicious and critical of Judge Redden's judicial activism and that he has used his position to hijack the management of the river system.

Read Hastings' full statement here.

Congressman Hastings Tours Reser's

On Monday, while in Pasco, Congressman Hastings stopped by Reser's for a tour and briefing.  Resers has been a leaders in food processing and continues to be a successful Central Washington business. 

April 20, 2012
Ensuring Public Access to Federal Lands


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