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House Passes a Responsible, Balanced Budget

Hastings: “Our budget will grow the economy by getting Americans working again.”

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Washington, DC, Apr 10 | Neal Kirby (202-225-5816) | comments

Congressman Doc Hastings released the following statement on the House Budget Resolution, which passed the U.S. House of Representatives today by a vote of 219-205:

“Today’s vote marks the fourth year in a row that House Republicans have passed a responsible budget that balances our nation’s finances without raising taxes on hardworking Americans and gets a handle on our skyrocketing national debt. It’s past time for our government to stop spending money we don’t have. Specifically, our budget solution provides much-needed reforms to programs that grow each year without Congressional action and are the true drivers of our rising debt. It cuts wasteful government spending by $5.1 trillion over the next ten years, repeals Obamacare to make room for patient-centered reforms, and lowers tax rates for all American families. The House-passed plan provides our troops with the training they need and compensation they deserve, strengthens Medicare for future generations, and helps Americans enjoy a more secure retirement. Most importantly, our budget will grow the economy by getting Americans working again and ensures our children and grandchildren inherit a stronger, more prosperous America.”


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