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Trillion Dollar Stimulus is Failing

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Washington, Sep 17, 2010 | comments

With near double-digit unemployment, record deficits, and new stimulus spending bills and bailouts schemes, Americans have good cause to be concerned about our economy.  Especially for those families and small business owners still struggling to keep their home, prevent further layoffs, or just make ends meet each month, it’s clear that the reckless spending coming from Washington, D.C. must stop.

Eighteen months ago, the Obama Administration promised that their trillion-dollar stimulus spending bill would create jobs 'immediately' and keep unemployment below eight percent.  The reality is that since that time more than 3.5 million Americans have lost their jobs, and unemployment has jumped to 9.6 percent. Measured by the number of our hard-working friends and neighbors who are unable to find work, it is apparent that spending a trillion dollars of taxpayer funds on a misguided stimulus spending spree has not delivered the kind of job creation or economic growth needed to get our nation back on track.  Instead, it has left us with the largest deficit in history, bigger government and more spending – with no end in sight.

Yet, instead of changing course, stopping the spending and working on better solutions, liberals who control Washington, D.C. have decided to expand their failed policies and spend more of your money on additional stimulus plans and more bailouts.  In fact, this month the Obama Administration has requested that Congress tack on at least $25 billion in new spending to legislation that must be passed in order to keep the federal government open beyond September 30th.

Our nation has grown and prospered by fostering ingenuity from individuals willing to invest in their own future, creating new small businesses and new jobs, not from growing the size of government.  For every dollar the government collects (and then spends), that is one dollar less that is available to be invested in the private sector to create new permanent jobs. 

Central Washington residents cannot afford yet another taxpayer funded stimulus spending bill.  The lesson from the last trillion dollar spending bill is clear – increasing spending doesn’t work and won’t create the jobs necessary to grow the economy.

Congress must stop the out-of-control spending pushed by Washington Democrats, stop their efforts to raise taxes on all Americans, and work on solutions that will actually put people back to work and get our economy back on track. 

If Congress continues down the same path of increased spending and more bailouts, it will only lead to more debt and higher deficits to be paid back by our children and grandchildren.  That is not a responsible way to govern, and not an approach I can support.

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