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As the Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, I’m pressing for an all-of-the-above energy solution.

When it comes to clean energy and meeting the goals of an all-of-the-above energy plan, Central Washington should be held up as an example to the rest of our state and the nation for how to create a cheaper, cleaner, more diverse American-made energy system and create energy jobs.

The majority of our energy here comes from clean, renewable hydropower, we rank in the top fifteen for wind energy production, and we have the only nuclear plant in the Pacific Northwest. On top of all of this, Central Washington is home to biomass, solar power projects, and the world class Pacific Northwest National Laboratory which conducts cutting edge energy research. These are all things I have long supported and have worked with local communities to expand.

While those who control Washington, D.C. claim that new taxes and government mandates are required in order to expand clean energy, it’s worth noting that all of the clean energy accomplishments here in our part of the state have been achieved without the federal government imposing a cap-and-trade national energy tax on every American – something I flat out oppose.

Our All-of-the-Above American Energy Plan:

  • Promotes alternative energy sources like wind and solar.

  • Expands non-emitting nuclear power- and moves Yucca Mountain forward.

  • Protects clean, renewable hydropower dams from those who are trying to tear them out.

  • Drills offshore, in Alaska and on federal lands.
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