Congressman Doc Hastings

Serving Central Washington

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All children deserve a quality education. During my service in Congress historic education reforms have been enacted to increase the decision-making authority of parents, teachers and local schools. As Congress works to improve that law, I’m listening to Central Washington schools and I’m committed to ensuring that their unique needs are met.

Making a college education more affordable for all of those who wish to pursue one is in the best interest of our nation. I support a comprehensive approach that holds colleges responsible for tuition hikes, extends tax incentives to help families save for college, continues Pell Grants so that more lower-and keeps interest rates on government-subsidized student loans in check.

I’m also focused on ensuring that the federal government meets its commitments to schools heavily impacted by federal land ownership – including the Glenwood, Grand Coulee Dam, Granger, Kennewick, Mabton, Mt. Adams, Quincy, Richland, Sunnyside, Toppenish, and Wapato school districts.

I have offered proposals that would ensure that the federal government’s existing responsibilities to Impact Aid schools like these are met before creating new federal programs. And, I’m working to uphold the Secure Rural Schools program which helps Chelan, Kittitas, Klickitat, Skamania and Yakima county schools.

Click here for more information about Central Washington school districts and colleges and universities.

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