Congressman Doc Hastings

Serving Central Washington

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Creating jobs and getting our economy back on track must be the top priority of this Congress. I look forward to working with my colleagues to rein in burdensome regulations that cripple our job creators, reduce the bloated size of government, and return our nation to a state of fiscal sanity.

Specifically, I support efforts to:

  • Write a budget that reins in government spending and returns to the fiscal discipline that economic experts say is needed to create jobs and grow our economy.
  • Promote no-cost job creation policies like fair trade agreements that level the playing field and open new markets for Central Washington’s agriculture economy, while ending the Mexican tariffs that are hurting our farmers in Central Washington.
  • Repeal the job-killing government takeover of health care that makes it harder for small businesses to hire workers and expand.
  • Stop tax increases.

Ensure that Central Washington is prepared to continue leading the way toward an all-of-the-above American energy plan that protects our dams and keeps gas and diesel prices low.

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